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Cosmetic Dentistry

The worst thing about not feeling good about your smile is that a lack of confidence which affects every aspect of your life, professional and otherwise. As a liaison between sales and operations, I was reluctant to be that out-front person; I never liked to do presentations. I tried to avoid doing that part of the job in person as much as possible. Instead, I did it on the phone.

Once my children grew up, they started to encourage me to have the work done. I’m so happy I did! To improve your health, you have to improve your oral health. I received the best teeth cleaning I ever had from Melody at Midtown dental. This is the best way to improve your oral health. But even if the work is strictly cosmetic, that’s important too. It helps your psyche and just makes you feel better about yourself. Before this work, I never would have smiled or looked as happy in pictures as I do today. If you are thinking about having work done, don’t hesitate! Never hesitate when it comes to investing in yourself.


Lakeland - Midtown Dental

I lost my front teeth as a child and wore the same bridge for about 30 years. It was wearing out and affecting how I felt about my smile. I would smile with my lips closed all the time. When my old bridge finally got loose, I called Midtown Dental and said, “I need to see you today.” They got me in right then! Facing this procedure was kind of nerve-racking. It’s your front teeth, the first thing people see about you! But the whole team was very friendly and calming and Dr. Slater is a very gentle, kind person. Having this work done has been a tremendous boost to my confidence. In fact, I decided I was going to change jobs and I was actually offered two! My husband and I have kind of joked about how my smile gave me an edge. My husband met me after work the other night and as I walked up the sidewalk toward him, I smiled and he said, “Wow! Your smile looks so great!” He was several feet away, so it must look good!


Lakeland - Midtown Dental

I was hesitant to get an implant because I don’t like surgery, so I put it off. My family, especially my mom and dad, encouraged me to get the implant. Not only did my confidence return after that implant, my family was very happy and excited that my pretty smile was back – until a few weeks ago when I went mountain biking with my buddies. I got a little unstable on top of a hill, which had a very steep shoulder off to one side. It’s called the “derailer” and can be tough to walk, let alone ride. I lost control and went face first down to the ground. My teeth fractured even though they didn’t come all the way out. Now Dr. Nerestant’s replaced four of my teeth – and I wear a full face helmet to protect them!


Restorative Dentistry

After my wife and I raised four children, I felt as if I could do something for myself, for my health, and I decided to replace my dentures with implants. There are plenty of dentists who do implants, but Dr. Nerestant is the only one I wanted to go to. Now I have had every tooth replaced with an implant and I love it. Implants look more natural, they feel natural, and I can eat whatever I want. I’ve even had an attitude shift and feel more outgoing. It’s hard to explain but it is really great. I’d recommend this to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.


Lakeland - Midtown Dental

I’ve always had a nice smile, or so I’ve been told, but there were some gaps in the top row of my teeth and I just wanted to get them repaired. When I looked in the mirror, I thought, “Whoa, that could be better!” When I finally decided – took a leap of faith – there was nobody else in town that I would rather have do the work. My comfort level is just better with Dr. Nerestant. I’m not sure if it’s his approach or how he communicates, but he definitely made me feel comfortable and safe, and now I actually enjoy it. My wife used to work for Dr. Nerestant and knows the kind of work he does, so even if I wanted to go to someone else, she wouldn’t let me! I just got my veneers, and I’m very happy with them. They feel great!


Dental Sedation

I always made sure that I kind of hid my teeth when I smiled. After I retired, I went to see about having something done. The dentist I was seeing wanted to put braces on my teeth before he did any repair work. I was already 55, I’d had braces as a child, and I didn’t really want to start there again. It felt like all or nothing, so I just never went through with it. I was nervous, too, and no one really did anything to help me with that. When Dr. Nerestant said that he could help me, it was such a relief! He placed two implants, crowns, and veneers to bring my smile back to perfection and there was no pain and I didn’t feel stressed. I’d never had that before! Now I never think about hiding my teeth anymore. I would recommend Dr. Nerestant to anyone!