New Dental Patients Welcome!

First Visit Experience

We take a lot of time with you on your first visit with us. To give you the very best care available, we need to get to know you both as a person and a patient. We start by listening carefully to your needs and desires so we can get an understanding of where to start.

Of course, we will also give you a very thorough exam with x-rays and our intraoral camera, check for oral cancer, gum disease, and any issues with your TMJ.

Once the exam is completed, we will give you a full oral health report and discuss our findings and your options in careful detail. Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions. We are here to educate, support, and guide you to your healthiest and best smile.

Find a dentist near me in Lakeland FL
Find a dentist near me Lakeland FL

We Care

Keeping You in Total Comfort

By now you ought to know just how much we care.

But here are a few more ways we prove it…

It starts with coffee and a drink bar to refresh you before or after your appointment.

Once you are in the chair, ask us for a blanket and neck pillow, then snuggle in with a pair of headphones and listen to music in comfort while we get your smile in top shape!

And speaking of comfort, every clinical chair in our practice is both heated and massaging!

Once your treatment is over, we will offer you a hot towel to freshen up so you can leave feeling pampered and radiant.