Why Men Don’t Visit Their Lakeland Dentist

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We all need to see the dentist regularly — kids, men, and women. But one of those demographics is avoiding regular dental appointments. We’re looking at you, men! Statistically, men don’t visit the dentist as often as their female counterparts. At my Lakeland dental office, we wanted to know why, so we looked it up. And now we’re sharing it with you.

Depending on the man, the reason for avoiding dental care regularly varies. Research conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry surveyed dentists on why they felt male patients didn’t maintain regular dental care. Here’s what those dentists said:

  • 45% said men don’t see a need to visit the dentist
  • 30% believed men are embarrassed or afraid
  • 18% blame lack of time

Some other common reasons we found include: only visiting the dentist when there’s a problem, societal standards that men should be tough and, therefore, don’t usually discuss things with a healthcare provider, including a dentist, and men sometimes rely on women to make healthcare decisions for them, so single men may be the biggest dentist avoiders of them all.

Why Men Should See the Dentist Every Six Months

Just like women, men should visit the dentist at least twice year for preventive dental care. These appointments allow any problems to be caught and treated early. And when we say problems, we mean a lot more than just a cavity filling or possible root canal. Regular dental appointments help catch scary things too that, if left undetected and untreated, could lead to whole-health concerns. For example:

  • Oral Cancer, which can affect the lips, tongue, throat, and cheeks
  • Gum Disease, which can lead to increased risk for heart disease
  • Sleep Apnea, which may result in high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes

But regular visits to their dentist in Lakeland can also help men get the smile they’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentistry options like whitening, veneers, or bonding, and restorative dentistry treatments like dental implants or bridges are all ways to transform a smile.
Feel free to pass this information on to the man (or men!) in your life. And if you’re a man reading this and you’re one who hasn’t been to the dentist in awhile, pick up the phone, call my Lakeland dental office, and schedule a dental cleaning and exam today. We won’t lecture you or make you feel guilty, we’ll just be happy you came to see us and get you on the path towards a healthy smile and healthy life.