Meet our team who make us the best dentist in Lakeland FL

The Makers of Midtown Magic


Wanda attended Monroe College in New York and has post-graduate managerial training from St. Petersburg.

Having worked in dentistry for two decades, Wanda says that helping people never gets old. She stays very busy at the office overseeing every aspect of Midtown Dental’s administrative functions. Wanda says her job is most rewarding when she helps patients and her co-workers achieve their goals. She says the overall flow of the practice, the compassion everyone has for one another, and the special team makes Midtown Dental so unique. Wanda is organized, supportive, a hard worker, friendly, caring, dedicated, and responsible.

Wanda regularly volunteers with her son’s school and at church. She usually spends quality time with her family when she’s not in the office.


Melody attended Ferris State College, Florida Southern, and South Florida earning her dental credentials. She has over 30 years experience working in dentistry and has been with Dr. Nerestant for almost 20 years.

Melody likes helping patients learn about oral health, what it takes to have healthy gums, and the best ways to care for their teeth at home. Melody loves getting to know her family of dental clients, the fun and friendly office atmosphere, and making people healthy.

If she wasn’t working in dentistry, Melody says she’d probably be an executive at Southern Wine & Spirits. She also says that the five words that describe her best are wine, wine, wine, wine, and wine. Outside of the office, Melody volunteers with the SPCA, American Cancer Society, and First United Methodist Church. She enjoys working out, walking, hosting wine events, hanging out with friends, traveling, and making jewelry.


Betzi is a dental assistant and implant coordinator. She has over 20 years experience in the dental field.

Betzi loves interacting with the patients, getting to know them and she feels like part of the family at Midtown Dental.

he looks forward to taking cruises to the Caribbean and is the proud mom of three children.


Kim has an associate’s in both dental hygiene and applied science from South Florida State College. She also earned a bachelor’s in communication from the University of Kentucky. She’s been working in dentistry for almost twenty years and has been with Midtown Dental for over a decade. She credits her own personal experience with dental health care for pushing her to pursue a career as a registered dental hygienist.

Kim strives every day to give her patients the best experience that’s personal, professional, and always friendly. Kim says Midtown Dental is unique because of the team’s compassion and commitment to giving back with the annual Free Dental Day to people in need. Kim is competitive, disciplined, compassionate, fun, and spiritual.

Kim enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and family, vacationing, caring for her animals, playing piano, exercising, helping the elderly, and doing yard work.


Brenda has been in dentistry for 18 years and loves it with a passion. She loves to see the look on our patients face after they have had a smile makeover. Brenda loves meeting and interacting with people on a daily basis.

When Brenda is not at the office she enjoys spending time with her family and absolutely loves to go shopping!


Austin helps out around the office in so many different ways. You might see him assisting the doctors with various dental procedures, setting up and breaking down the operatories, helping patient’s coordinate their future dental visits, and working in the lab to ensure precision care for our patients in every way possible.

What does Austin love most about the work that he does? He’ll tell you he’s most satisfied by being able to help people from various backgrounds. He said it’s exciting to be a part of the Midtown Dental team because everyone goes out of their way to take extra special care of people, always paying close attention to details with a dedication to cultural diversity. Austin says he chose a career in dentistry because it gives him the opportunity to change someone’s smile and their life.

You’ll find that Austin is fun, outgoing, friendly, positive, and compassionate. Outside of the office, Austin volunteers with the Caribbean Community Association, spends quality time with his family, and tries to enjoy life to the fullest.


Kelly attended dental assisting school and earned a radiology certification in Pennsylvania. She later went on to St. Petersburg where she received her expanded functions distinction. Fast forward to today, and Kelly has over two decades of dental experience under her belt. When you visit Midtown Dental, you’ll find Kelly assisting with planning affordable treatment plans for our patients, assisting with financing, and providing valuable patient education.

Kelly says dentistry was a good career fit for her because of how much she loves helping people. She’s rewarded by the work she does and enjoys getting to know patients and working alongside a talented team. Kelly also has over 25 years of retail management and sales skills, helping her to approach her position with Midtown Dental with compassion.

Kelly is loving, sincere, compassionate, caring, and lots of fun. Kelly volunteers at church and helps feed the homeless. She’s originally from PA and has two grown children (a son and a daughter). Kelly loves going to the beach, fishing, spending time with both her regular and church families.


Misty received her training and education at Polk State College. She’s one of the best when you come to the office or call with questions about how to pay for your dental treatments and procedures. Misty knows about all things related to verifying your insurance, handling essential claims, and answering financial inquiries. She’s proud to work at Midtown Dental because of the people she works with, her bosses, excellent patient care, and how much they give back to the community. She used to work in retail management but made the switch to dentistry because Misty felt her knowledge and skill were put to better use by helping to change people’s lives. She follows the motto, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Misty is lighthearted, compassionate, friendly, conscientious, and a self-proclaimed unicorn. Outside of work, Misty loves spending time with family and kids, going to soccer games, watching movies, and attending community theater. She’s also the proud mom of a UNF osprey, an LG Brave, and a Harrison theater student.


Kendra loved going to the dentist so much when she was little that it pushed her to pursue a career in dentistry, and we’re glad she did. As a dental assistant, she’s busy helping prepare for procedures, making sure the doctor has the right tools for treatment and making sure patients are always comfortable. Kendra loves meeting new people every day and getting to know them and hear about their smile goals. When you meet her, you’ll quickly find that she’s laid back and quiet.

When Kendra isn’t working she’s usually trying new foods (she’ll tell you she loves to eat), playing with her dog Harlee, and spending time with her family.


Laura has been working in dentistry for seven years following her graduation from Edison State College in Fort Myers. Laura loved getting her teeth cleaned so much when she was younger. Mel, one of our certified registered dental hygienists, was the one who cleaned Laura’s teeth and sparked her interested in dental health care.

Now, Laura is a great dental hygienist and loves helping patients achieve optimal oral health, educating them about proper at-home care, and cleaning their smile so that it’s healthy and able to last a lifetime. She says the interactions she has with people, getting to know them personally, and watching how excited they are with their teeth after a cleaning make her job special. Laura will tell you that the Midtown Dental team is unique because it feels like you’re part of a big family who works so well together as a team to help make sure patients’ needs are always met.

Laura is dedicated, a team player, reliable, creative, and fun. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling to new places, exercising, reading, and watching movies.


Alicia has training from the Concorde Career Institute and Valencia College. She currently serves as a dental assistant to Dr. Nerestant and does whatever she can to help out her fellow team members around the office to ensure the very best patient experience and care. Alicia says she loves being a magic maker for patients and providing them with high-quality work. She loves showing people how important it is to take care of their smile. Alicia says if she wasn’t working in dentistry she might have pursued a career working alongside a plastic surgeon.

Alicia is brave, honest, caring, funny, and a good listener. She loves shopping, spending time with her husband, and hanging out in downtown Orlando. Alicia also has a beloved pet Sun Conure, a beautifully-colored parakeet whose name is Sunny. He loves being loud, hanging out on people’s shoulders, and being friendly (if he likes you).


Isabel attended both Traviss Technical College and Polk State College. She says the best part about being a dental assistant is meeting new people, especially when they’re afraid of going to the dentist. She loves to help people overcome their anxiety, take care of their smile, and feel more confident. When she became part of the Midtown Dental team, she quickly felt like she was part of the family and enjoys working with such a diverse team. Isabel is reliable, quiet, and relaxed. Her favorite quote is, “the only impossible journey is the one you never begin,” by Anthony Robbins.

Isabel was born in Haiti but raised in Florida. When she’s not in school or working, Isabel is usually spending quality time with her family.


Danielle is another one of our front office superheroes who really loves helping new patients get started with their dental health journey. She’s usually busy scheduling appointments, answering phones, and transferring calls. She chose Midtown Dental and a career in dentistry because of the people and a chance to advance her career.

Danielle loves how everyone in the office is like a big extended family and how quickly they make people feel at ease. If she wasn’t working with us, Danielle says she’d probably still be a manager at McDonald’s. Danielle is funny, kind, shy, wholehearted, and energetic.

Outside of work, Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, taking care of her pets, enjoying good food, and getting caught up on some sleep.


Currently completing her training at HCC to become a hygienist, Savannah is excited to begin her dental career at Midtown Dental! Being part of the Call Center team, Savannah will be helping patient’s schedule their appointments and begin their path to healthier and happier smiles. She enjoys building relationships with her patients and with her coworkers, who she finds are very welcoming and friendly.

As part of a large family (5 brothers), Savannah finds it very natural to fit in with Midtown Dental’s team. When not in the office, you can find her either donating her time to the free dental days in her area or playing soccer and shopping.


Joan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Midtown Dental that benefits every patient that comes through our doors! A 30 year veteran of the dental field, Joan has completed training at the Southern Maryland Dental Society, U.F. Continuing Education, and the Dental Assisting Academy. While she has decades of experience providing her patients with detailed care and compassion, what she loves most about her job she didn’t learn in her schooling. Joan loves taking those patients who are uncomfortable or don’t want to be in the dental chair and calming their nerves with laughter and a reassuring voice.

If she wasn’t in the dental field, Joan could see herself as either a fashion designer or a nurse.  Outside of the office, you can find her gardening, playing with her grandkids, or visiting her mother.


Angelica attended Polk State College. If you are a new client at Midtown Dental, chances are you will speak with Angelica as she helps you schedule your first appointment.

Angelica loves spending time with her family and friends. A fun fact about Angelica is that her favorite place she has traveled to is Guanajuato, Mexico, and she speaks both English and Spanish.


Ben served in the United States Air Force and attended Stony Brook University. Ben plays a critical role in keeping Midtown Dental’s facilities clean and safe. When you arrive at Midtown Dental, you will be warmly greeted by Ben as he checks you in with a COVID screening before entering the building.

A fun fact about Ben is that he likes working out, playing tennis and was once a semiprofessional soccer player.


Journee graduated from Pasco High School. She is a part of the call center team and specializes in scheduling new patients.

Journee loves spending time with her friends and family. A fun fact about Journee is that her favorite movie is the Princess and the Frog.


Kerby graduated from Sanford-Brown Institute. She serves as a Dental Assistant at Midtown Dental. She loves taking care of her patients.

When not at work, you can find Kerby reading a good book or cooking up a storm. She cherishes her family and loves to travel.